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Tarini Agarwal

Tarini Agarwal

Book: Primary Colours 2017

Story Title: The Uninvited Guest

School: Three Independent Writers, Coimbatore

Blurb: He was picked up from the wreckage of a horrible accident that had smashed his brain inside his skull. Radical surgery had brought him back to life but why was he feeling like an alien inside his own head? What was wrong?

I am an optimistic and bubbly 13-year-old who is from Delhi. I enjoy singing, making people laugh and above all, reading. My favourites include Sita’s Sister by Kavita Kane and any book by Shobhan Bhantwal. I love pizzas and anything my mom makes. I aspire to be an IAS officer or a historian. I began writing at the age of eleven when I published my first story in Catapult (Quill Club Writers, 2015), an amazing book of twenty-one short stories. I have enjoyed working with Mr Hemant and Ms Ruchira both times, and I also got to work with some remarkable young authors. It was not easy to get an idea and write a story based on it, but when I did finally get one, writing the story was a great feeling. I know that sometimes I can be difficult to live with, but I must thank my parents for their patience, love and understanding. I dedicate my story to my late maternal grandfather.