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Tanya Pandey

Tanya Pandey

Book: Primary Colours 2017

Story Title: A Scar Across Continents

School: Three Independent Writers, Coimbatore

Blurb: At twenty-one, he fled his country ravaged by drug wars. At forty he is on the run again. Whom is he fleeing this time?

I am a robotics and automation engineer who prefers quiet and intellectual one-on-ones over noisy chatter. My mission in life is writing and I’m passionate about music, food and travel. I want to live a nomad’s life with an endless supply of ink and paper. When I’m not writing, I read. I relish the idea of lying curled up on the sofa, enjoying an Agatha Christie murder mystery with a steaming hot cuppa. Working on this book was an absolute delight- given our splendid mentors. In my story, I have married my love of thrillers to my abiding interest in philosophy. I wanted to write about something real; something that was indelibly changing our future. Unlike my sister and co-author, Harshita, I am publishing for the first time but I know that the next story is already forming in my mind. I dedicate my story to my family, whose support keeps me going.