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Quill Club Writers enables school children to become published writers of mainstream fiction. Under the close guidance of highly experienced mentors, the young authors develop original ideas, write their stories and refine and edit their manuscripts. Little by little, the book gets ready. Even before the writers step out of their teens, their juniors and peers at school are reading their stories as part of their curriculum. The authors’ works are also on Flipkart, Amazon and some premium bookstands.

How We Work

We select the writers through two writing tests and an interview. At the writing sessions spanning two weeks, the writers develop their story ideas, structure them, write the stories down and complete their manuscripts. Finally, a well written, ruthlessly edited and well-designed book is ready for launch.

The Journey So Far

In nine years, Quill Club Writers has produced nearly 100 books with more than fifty schools all over the country. Currently, we are working with more than 200 writers at a dozen schools nationwide. Nearly half-a-million children at schools across the country are reading our books as part of their curriculum. And more books are on their way.

The Team

Ruchira Mittal, Founding Editor
Ruchira is a writer, editor & mentor. For years, she trained students and teachers. After having written for newspapers and magazines for many years, she edited Prey By The Ganges and eventually turned to mentoring authors and publishing.


Hemant Kumar, Founding Editor
Hemant is a journalist, novelist & mentor. He was a Press Trust of India reporter for ten years, a TV reporter for another ten, and later served on the managements of many media organizations. His debut novel, Prey By The Ganges (Wisdom Tree, 2011), has won high critical acclaim. He is now writing his second novel.