Testimonials - quill club writers
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Sunil Agarwal- DPS Agra

Sunil Agarwal

Pro Vice-Chairman, Delhi Public School Agra

Today, education isn’t only high marks and a big degree. Education today is truly all rounded. At our schools we practise this mantra to the letter. Naturally, therefore, when Quill Club Writers approached us, we accepted them wholeheartedly. In both the books that we have produced together, Quill Club Writers have proven their worth beyond our expectations. They not only made our children better writers but better human beings. We couldn’t have asked for more. We shall continue to work with them for many, many years to come. Congratulations, Quill Club Writers, and best wishes, as always.

Amit Bhalla Manav Rachna

Amit Bhalla

Vice President, Manav Rachna Educational Institutions

In this era of academic excellence only, our children took up the pen – not to write exams, but to write stories- with Quill Club Writers. This was perhaps what they were waiting for. Hemant and Ruchira are exceptional mentors. Two years and two releases later, we are proud of our authors. It has been a momentous journey. Manav Rachna will continue to encourage and nurture talent. We stand firmly committed to this cause and will encourage more schools to take part in this wonderful journey.

Gautam Rajgarhia DPS Varanasi

Gautam Rajgarhia

Pro Vice-Chairman, DPS Varanasi | Nashik | Lava Nagpur

Rarely do you come across a team that is so thorough and so professional with their work, that’s right! they are the mentors of Quill club Ruchira and Hemant for you. Right from selecting students to mentoring them and then ultimately becoming friends for life, children love them and so do we. That is why we have consistently produced anthologies with them. I think this is our 6th Book with Quill Club Writers in a span of 4-5 years. I am so proud of the work they do and so happy to see children express themselves through the various books. More power to both of you. I really see the Quill Club Writers becoming a rage with the younger generation as more and more genius is produced. Best wishes.

Adit Mishra DPS Gurgaon

Aditi Misra

Principal, Delhi Public School Gurgaon

I feel happy that my suggesting an anthology has done so well. ‘All children are born with innate creativity; a lucky few get a chance to exhibit this when they get suitable mentors.’ Hemant and Ruchira are brilliant mentors- guiding, encouraging and correcting the children when required. The entire experience of working with them was enriching for all stakeholders, not just the young writers. The Bakers’ Dozen project lives in our hearts and our classrooms.

Kavin Kandasamy- Riverside Kotagiri

Kavin Kandasamy

MD, Riverside Public School, Kotagiri, The Nilgiris

Since our first meeting at the Coonoor railway station at the launch of our first book- Blue Mountain Express- our relationship has grown in strength. Working with Hemant and Ruchira has been nothing but pleasure. I have watched the Master work his magic on our children at Riverside. He has helped them understand that creativity is nothing without the science that binds it together; that it’s imperative to find the edge and still be grounded to transcend words to paper. QCW has helped our children believe that their words can linger on for eternity. I wish you the very best.

Tanya Pandey- Author Primary Colours

Tanya Pandey

Author, Primary Colours

Working with Quill Club Writers was not only enjoyable, it was actually memorable. I cherish every single moment of working on my story, writing it, feeling the frustration of not finding a solution to a problem and the elation at finally having found it. Quill Club Writers’ method is easy and it encourages independent thinking.