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Gautam Rajgarhia DPS Varanasi

Gautam Rajgarhia

Pro Vice Chairman, DPS Varanasi | Nashik | Lava Nagpur

Rarely do you come across a team that is so thorough and so professional with their work, that’s right! They are the mentors and founders of Quill Club Writers – Ruchira and Hemant for you. Children love them, and so do we. It comes from the way Ruchira and Hemant select students, mentor them and then ultimately become friends for life. That is why we have consistently produced anthologies with them. In 2021, we are making our sixth book with Quill Club Writers- in a little more than four years. I am so proud of the work they do and so happy to see children express themselves through the various books. More power to both of you. I really see Quill Club Writers becoming a rage with the younger generation as more and more genius is produced. Best wishes.