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Shivangi Singh

Shivangi Singh

Book: My Rainbow, 2013

Story Title: The Interview

School: Delhi Public School, Jaipur

Blurb: A girl sees her new professor for the first time, and realises that she has seen him before - in handcuffs. Shocked and horrified, she is unable to decide which is true- what she saw then, or what she is seeing now. What if she is wrong? And what if she is not? Does it really matter? It was 12 long years ago…

My father is a Colonel in the Army. My elder sister, too, is an Army officer. My mother is a teacher. I have travelled extensively, and lived in such exciting places as Jamnagar, Indore, Mhow and Jaipur. The unique experience of each of these places has enriched my life. Volleyball, music, debates, poetry, I love them all, and now can happily add writing to my endless list of activities. Naturally, my father encouraged me to write this story. It was a lot of hard work, and it even got a bit frustrating at times, but I am glad I did it.