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Pooja Kumar L

Pooja Kumar L

Book: Catapult 2015

Story Title: Fenced Out

School: C S, Academy, Coimbatore

Blurb: ALL AVAN WANTED was to come home everyday to the family he loved. All Abhimanyu wanted was to get quickly away from his only remaining family.

I am fifteen and I absolutely love reading. My tryst with books began when I was barely a year old. I was found with my nose inside a picture dictionary which I carried everywhere, even though I did not understand a word in it. The very idea of paper and books fascinates me. I go to the Yuvabharathi Public School in Coimbatore. I am a crazy fan of cricket and I love talking. Math hates me, English loves me. The thought of writing something by myself came to me very late, but I discovered that I enjoy it a tad more than reading. I just love the fact that reading and writing can transport me to another planet without having to move an inch. My hobbies include watching television shows (I am an addict, trust me), dancing and day dreaming. I want to be taller with a bunch of novels under my name someday.