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Phanjoubam Suchitra

Phanjoubam Suchitra

Book: First Light, 2015

Story Title: Evil Spirit

School: Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya, Gwalior

Blurb: Can you really be unaffected by what you do and how it impacts the people around you? There is a right choice; and there is a wrong one.

I am seventeen. People affectionately call me Pakpi. I am the middle child among three daughters. I belong to Manipur, rightly called the Land of Gods. I love singing, dancing, eating and surfing the net. I admit that I am not an absolute writer, but I have always expressed my thoughts, imagination and perceptions on paper. Until this day, I never knew I could ever become a writer, but here I am on my first venture. I believe, a distinctive custom and culture is attached to every place and its people which enables it to create an identity and find a place of importance in this melting pot of India, indeed, a country unified by its diversities. I am usually quiet but when I get to know the people around me, I love talking to them. I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this journey.