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Nishta Sawhney

Nishta Sawhney

Book: Baker’s Dozen, 2013

Story Title: Closure

School: Delhi Public School, Sector 45, Gurgaon

Blurb: All eyes are riveted on Karan as he flags off a theatrical extravaganza. There is also a revolver pointing at him

Nishta is a 17-year-old Capricorn. Her curiosity about life and its myriad mysteries belies her young age. Artistic, creative and passionate about dancing, Nishta is fascination with the occult and the mystical. Ocean tides, beaches, earthquakes, rain…Nature leaves her mesmerised. Nishta loves to be friends with kind and warm individuals. She is a family person and loves to talk. Hardworking and sincere, she has a never-say-no attitude.