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Laya Niranjani Kumar

Laya Niranjani Kumar

Book: Catapult 2015

Story Title: Knowing Deep Within

School: C S, Academy, Coimbatore

Blurb: HE IS AT WAR. To win, he needs understanding, patience and love. Ammo for war or recipe for disaster?

I am a cheery fifteen-year-old. I was born in Coimbatore and have lived here since. My father is a lawyer and mom an acclaimed poetess with many published books to her credit. Naturally, I am very fond of reading—so fond that I cannot express it in words. I want to pursue my dream of becoming a travel journalist. When it comes to favourite authors, I just cannot choose one. I’m a movie buff and, like most people, I’m crazy about animated films. I describe myself as a foodie and a fierce patriot. Just like books take people to different places, I think food brings people of different places together. I’m not much of a cook but I sure do love to eat. Apart from reading, writing and talking, I love anything to do with music. From exploring rural India to watching football matches in Europe, I want to do it all.