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Isha Rautela

Isha Rautela

Book: My Rainbow, 2013

Story Title: The Decision

School: Delhi Public School, Jaipur

Blurb: Curiosity is wonderful. It makes us explore, enquire, question and seek answers. Yash is a very curious boy and an impatient one, too. What happens when he goes on a school trip? How many of the questions teeming in his mind are answered, and how? Find out.

In the midst of all the things a 13 year old likes to do, including shopping, I find time to read. It’s natural- my mother is a voracious reader. Our home is full of books. My father is an officer in the Merchant navy, and indulges in us. But, it was my elder brother who inspired me to write. It was a sudden idea, it sounded good. The difficult part was writing it down! But once I began writing it, words came pouring out of my mind. When you write from your heart, you don’t struggle for words- they flow naturally. I enjoyed the process immensely and learned that writing is not a casual affair. You have to write and rewrite your story, so many times! It can’t be everyone’s cup of tea, I’m glad it’s mine.