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Harshavardhini Pareek

Harshavardhini Pareek

Book: My Rainbow, 2013

Story Title: Carnival In LousyTown

School: Delhi Public School, Jaipur

Blurb: Gossip is a bad thing and so is spreading rumours. A rumour spreads like wildfire in Lousytown, a quiet, laid back place in the country. It affects everybody and everything. What is going on?

You could say I am a regular 11 year old. I am imaginative and talkative. I used to think I was a gorilla. Not anymore. Now I wonder how it would feel to be a monster! When I am not thinking up outlandish stories, I am simply reading, reading and reading. The Stephen King of children’s literature, R L Stine is my favourite author, and one day I shall meet him. We are an interesting family. My parents love math and I love horror stories. They keep encouraging me to think of engineering as a career choice but I think I’ll be a veterinarian. Writing this story was an experience beyond compare and it taught me to stay focussed. An author can create magical worlds through his writing, and for me, being a published author is a dream come true.