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Francesca A S Fowler

Francesca A S Fowler

Book: Catapult 2015

Story Title: Music In Pieces

School: C S, Academy, Coimbatore

Blurb: HER MUSIC WAS SO moving that it sounded otherworldly. That was all she could do—create and play music. Nothing else.

I am fifteen and I was born and bred in Coimbatore. I feel my creativity and intuition come to me from my loving parents who are both architects and intellectual individuals. I absolutely adore reading and describe myself as a ‘scatter-brained reader who picks up anything that grabs my attention.’ In writing this story I have got to know a bit about the life of an author. I love to write poetry and am a trained vocalist. I am an eccentric yet mature young woman and aspire to make an impact on the lives of my readers and the world. To sum it all up, I am just a little bit nuts. But I have the special gift of being able to relate to people of all age groups—from the very young to the quite grown up. And for that reason, I experience life in the finest of its grains.