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Dhritika Dhawan

Dhritika Dhawan

Book: My Rainbow, 2013

Story Title: Water Under The Bridge

School: Delhi Public School, Jaipur

Blurb: This story is of a girl who lives in the mountains. As is usual there, she begins to work when she is about seventeen. Her mother has brought her up alone. She misses her father but he is still unknown to her. What will happen when she meets him?

I am a 13 year old who loves science. It came as a surprise that I enjoyed writing, too! I wish I had realised this five years ago, I would have had double the fun. My parents live in Australia and I live with my aunt in Jaipur. Unlike many societies, India is a country where family ties are nurtured. I am so blessed to have a large, loving joint family. I draw tremendous strength from it. I liked my story from the very beginning, but when my Mother liked it, too, I felt infinitely better. Writing this story has taught me how to structure my thoughts and express them with simplicity. This has been a memorable experience and I know I will write more.

What a stroke of luck to get published!