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Anushka Sandhu

Anushka Sandhu

Book: First Light, 2015

Story Title: The Bridge I’ll Never Cross Again

School: Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya, Gwalior

Blurb: You bring them into this world, raise them with love, feed them your dreams, and then you extract your price. What are you thinking?

I am a talkative, enthusiastic, pampered fourteen-year-old who loves to eat. From parathas to pizzas; iced tea to cold coffee, and more. I like to listen to both loud and soft music. My hobbies are writing, singing and dancing. I’m best at social studies and writing poems and stories in Hindi. I love to travel. Leh-Ladakh is my dream destination. My mother inspires me. She has had many ups and downs in her life but has stood firm and came out a winner. I want to be as brave as her. I want to become a successful author. Because, for me, writing is the best way to express feelings. I feel blessed that God has made me capable of being an author, not only an author, but a successful author. I respect my talent a lot.