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Ananya Krishnakumar

Ananya Krishnakumar

Book: Catapult 2015

Story Title: Dying To Win

School: C S, Academy, Coimbatore

Blurb: AS A RULE, WINNING tickets bring fortune. Imagine discovering the hard way that every rule has its exceptions.

I am thirteen and I was born in Coimbatore. I have an older sister who is 18 years old. I am a quiet person who loves reading books and playing chess. I am also very fond of science fiction and classics. My favourite book is Lord of the Flies, a fascinating psychological analysis of a group of boys stranded on an island. I think I’d like to become a scientist or a chartered accountant when I grow up. Among the many things I have understood in this exercise is that a good story needs attention to detail and rigorous editing, over and over again. Developing the story idea itself was a pretty detailed exercise. And writing it took skill and patience. It was hard work, no doubt, but all of us thoroughly enjoyed working on our stories. I hope this programme will improve my writing skills and leave me with a story I’m proud of.