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Akshay Narendran

Akshay Narendran

Book: Catapult 2015

Story Title: Bolt From The Blue

School: C S, Academy, Coimbatore

Blurb: THERE HE WAS, telling bizarre stories to his friends. But even he couldn’t imagine what would happen next.

I am a thirteen year old who loves to read all types of books. I was born in Ghatkopar, Maharashtra. My mother is a preschool teacher and my father works with Pricol Ltd, Coimbatore. Like most boys my age, I love watching action and adventure movies.

My driving ambition is to open a shelter for animals and when I am asked to describe myself in one word, I simply say: ‘Composed.’

According to me, the best series ever written is the Heroes of Olympus, by Rick Riordan. I think writers are great people because they hold the reader’s attention all the time. I think- no, I know- that I have understood a lot about writing and the world from this